Candle Making with Silicone Rubber Moulds

Candle Making with Silicone Rubber Moulds


There are many Beautiful designs which cannot be made in Metal Moulds, Latex Rubber Mould, Plastic Moulds.

Hence for making such Beautiful Designer Candle Silicone Rubber Moulds are used. There are of 2 types of Rubber.

[i] Latex Rubber [ii] Silicone Rubber.

i] Latex Rubber : Latex Rubber is Cheap Rubber compared to Silicone Rubber & this not Flexible nor can withstand high temperature, because of which moulds get Break, Damage in very Few Cycle 5- 10 candles can hardly be made from it. Not at all Feasible for making Candle.

ii] Silicone Rubber : Silicone Rubber is the most Flexible and Durable Rubber in Rubber Industry. It is one of the costliest Rubber and cost almost 10 times the cost of Ordinary Latex Rubber. Being Most Flexible & Durable one can very easily make 500 - 1000 candles or even more depending on how you use from it.

Our silicone molds are made of High Quality Imported Silicone Rubber. These Rubber can bear aTemperature of above 500 Degree and melting temperature of wax is hardly 60 - 70 degree so there is no effect of Heat on to our Silicone Rubber Mould. We are having large production & as we buy Silicone Rubber customized directly from Factory; we get Finest, Fresh & Durable Rubber at Lowest cost by which we are able to sell Best quality Silicone Rubber Moulds at Lowest Cost all over INDIA.

We normally say people can make 500+ candles out of it but there are many who are making 2000+ candle from same mould. Many Big Firms whose continuous production is going on are using same moulds for 3 years and have made 2000 - 3000+ candles from same moulds. Now - a - days Cheap Silicone Rubber from China are available which gets damaged in 3 - 6 months and also tears off very fast - be aware of it.

Our Silicone Rubber moulds have excellent Flexibility and Softness by which any of the complicated designs comes out easily and perfectly without damaging / breaking of Design / Candle. This to some extend depends on how one uses it. If proper care not taken then it may even break in few Hundreds also.

Best for Candles. Candles slide out like a dream. Just wash with warm soap and water after use. Enjoy!

Made from Best Quality Silicone Rubber - Smooth & Flexible mould for Easy & Bulk production

Price Range from Rs.100-00 to 300-00 & above depending on design For Best & Exclusive Designs in candle

Keep visiting our website or our office.

Customized Design also possible. For that contact us personally / send your sample design.



    • Avatar
      Oct 22, 2015

      Please let me know silicon cylindrical shape

    • Avatar
      joseph abou dib
      Jan 24, 2016

      im looking for silicone rubber mould ....i have factory making candles normal size ...nowadays i m looking for open candles silicone mould different types but i don t know a lot about these field i m looking to buy mould from u otherwise to give me courses ...thats the main important for me and thats why i m calling u ..txs for ur help

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      Nov 28, 2016

      Hello, your post are nice.your post are came in different pics,size is very good. these are different steps are used. so it is very best your advantages and very low cost of the candle.I agree, your post and I am waiting your next post .I am very excitement and thanks for your this post.

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