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Welcome to Niral Industries (Candle Mould), India's Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Candle & Soap Making Moulds and Accessories. With a rich legacy dating back to 1975, we have been at the forefront of creating new designs and trends for the Candle & Soap segments. Our extensive collection boasts over 1000+ unique designs for candles and soaps, catering to diverse preferences and styles.


Our journey began as a family-owned business founded by the late Shri Shivjibhai Padamshi Maisheri in the 1970s. Originally trading in stationary items, our visionary founder recognized the potential for small machinery setups to assemble ball pen refills at home, costing under Rs. 3,000, providing an accessible home-based business opportunity which significantly reduced the investment required. This marked our entry into manufacturing small machines for home businesses.


Under the leadership and guidance of Mr. Ramesh S. Maisheri, we expanded our offerings to include candle and chalk moulds. Furthermore, we identified numerous industries that could be initiated with minimal investment and without the need for machinery. This led to the establishment of Niral Business Institute (www.niralbi.com), our dedicated training institute where we have provided training and technical know-how to over 200 home businesses. Today, individuals from all over India visit our office to learn various courses, catering to both newcomers and established business owners.


Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri holds an MBA in International Business and brings his expertise and knowledge to the operations of the company. Under Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri's guidance, Niral Industries has further flourished and expanded its product range. With a focus on continuous growth and innovation, the company now offers over 1,500 unique products for the candle and soap segments. This extensive range showcases their commitment to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of their customers.


Recognizing the growing demand for designer candles, Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri has spearheaded the creation of an impressive collection of 1000+ exclusive designs in the candle and soap segments. These designs are proudly made in India and showcase the company's dedication to creativity and craftsmanship. In addition to his management role at Niral Industries, Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri also possesses expertise in alternative healing practices. With certifications in Pranic Healing and Reiki 3rd Level, he brings a holistic approach to his business endeavors.


Niral Industries, under Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri's leadership, has expanded its online presence and customer reach. They maintain a dedicated website, www.candlemould.com, which serves as an online mega store for Candle & Soap Making Moulds and accessories. This platform allows customers from all over India to conveniently access and purchase their desired products. As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, Niral Industries provides multiple contact options, including phone and WhatsApp support. Customers can reach out to the company directly for any inquiries or assistance related to their products and services.


With Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri's expertise in international business, Niral Industries has plans to establish a dedicated website and team for the export segment. This expansion reflects the company's vision to expand its global presence and serve customers beyond the borders of India. Overall, Niral Industries, under the management of Mr. Fenil Ramesh Maisheri, combines a strong business acumen with a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. Their extensive product range, focus on design, and dedication to meeting customer needs have positioned them as a leading player in the Candle & Soap Making industry.


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